Zeena Kay Foundation

Who We Are

Zeena Kay Foundation is a pioneering skill acquisition and entrepreneurship scheme for young people in Cameroon. Our objective is to empower young and ambitious women and men in Cameroon with sewing/Fashion design skills, catalyzing economic growth, driving poverty eradication, and ensuring job creation.

Founded by a Cameroonian-owned Fashion Brand, Zeena Kay in Ontario Canada. This project represents our commitment to creating a new generation of entrepreneurs through skill acquisition, startup funding, and mentorship. 

Our mission is implemented through our programmes which includes:

  1. Fashion Fair Bootcamp
  2. Entrepreneurship Coaching 
  3. General Mentorship


Our vision is to create an environment of economic independence for the young Cameroonian population.



Our Mission is to empower young Camerronians through entrepreneurial skill acquisition, mentorship and education. 


Core Values 

  • Accountability
  • The requirement is to account for one's actions, accept responsibility for them, and report on them, and make the results public in a timely way. It also entails taking responsibility for money or other valuables entrusted to you.

  • Creativity 
  • We define creativity as, innovative, problem-solving, adaptable, and flexible as to how problems are solved.

  • Passion
  • An internal motivator, a following of one’s values, regard of one’s intrinsic, unique desires.  It’s an energy that comes from within.

  • Hard Work
  • Putting 100% into everything you do

    Application Process 

    • Apply
    • Pass a rigorous assessment interview
    • Get trained in a reputable fashion design firm
    • Get paired with a mentor to track your progress and help you succeed
    • Graduate and get certified and also get a startup incentive capital
    • Continue working with the mentor
    • Succeed



    Click here to apply for this opportunity

    Click here to apply for this opportunity